Computer Solutions

Your server is the most critical component of your network. The data that resides on the server is a treasure chest for any unscrupulous hacker or employee. Securing this asset should the first priority in securing your business.

  • The first step in securing any machine is restricting physical access. This prevents damage as well as theft of equipment and is a necessary step in securing your machines.
  • The second step is ensuring that your machine is patched with the most current applicable updates from the OS and software vendors.
  • Third, is network access to the server properly shaped and analyzed? There is no reason to leave a server open to the internet, the same goes for the internal network. Did you know that 70% of data theft is carried out by an employee of the company from inside the firewall? Is your company prepared?

Now that the foundation is set for a secure network, it is time to utilize user access controls to only allow employees into the areas they need to perform their job. This is the concept of 'least privileged access' allowing enough access to perform the duties without compromising security.


We Offer:

  • Daily Server Monitoring
  • Data Redundancy & Backup Strategies
  • Network security
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Windows Active Directory Domains
  • Remote Support via Encrypted VPN
  • Workstation Management
  • Website Design
  • Website Hosting
  • DNS Setup & Management
  • Email Hosting