Our Services

Computer Solutions

• Pre-sales Consulting
• Equipment Sales & Leasing
• Software Sales
• Servers & Networking

Pre-sales Consulting helps you make the right decision the first time. Why struggle with the myriad of choices, let our expertise make your decision worry free. Our industry contacts help you get the best price available on hardware and software, including Microsoft software, Dell hardware, Cisco network equipment and more.

Web Services

• Web Hosting & E-mail Solutions
• Website Design & Maintenance
• Domain Name Acquisitions
• WAN Project Assistance

Our in-house design team can work with you to create a new online presence for your company. From designing your new website to continued support, your needs are covered with our dedicated website and email hosting servers. Our SPAM filters are designed to minimize the time you spend dealing with unwanted mail.

IT Management

• Remote Monitoring & Support
• Proactive Maintenance
• Disaster Planning
• Network Documentation

Get Microsoft Certified help 24 hours a day. With our proactive maintenance solutions, your equipment is monitored for any potential problems. If you ever need assistance, we can remotely assist you through the problem. This gives you the anytime access to experienced help, without the cost of on-site staff. In case of an emergency, is your data properly backed-up? Many companies fail to realize the importance of their data until it is too late. Don’t wait until after an emergency to create your plan.

• Network Design & Security Modeling
• Firewall & VPN Solutions
• Internet Connections
• Wireless Security

Access your files remotely and securely with Remote Web Workspace to provide your clients with better service. Gain peace of mind knowing your business and data is safe from potential threats. Learn about ways to communicate more efficiently with your customers. Wireless networks are becoming common in many networks today, make sure your wireless devices are secure from unwanted connections.

Affiliations & Partnerships

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